Retour Accueil - Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe, là-haut c'est plus beau Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe en Haute-Loire Le Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe, membre du réseau des Sites Michaélique

Worshipping Saint Michel


The builders and painters did not fail to represent the Archangel prominently in their work, both in the Roman facade and in the mural paintings in the central chancel of the Chapel where he is surrounded by two seraphim, each with two pairs of wings.


These, however, were not the main objects of worship; an undated statue of Saint Michel was conserved in the Chapel until 1562 when it was destroyed by Protestants.



The dedication to Saint Michel places special emphasis on certain events in the Chapel’s history such as the steeple being struck by lightning in 1245. This lead to a formal celebration of the Chapel on the 29th of September, but written evidence is limited and remained so until after the Revolution.


Whilst there are some written references to the inauguration of the Chapel at the summit of the Rocher and to other chapels on the proposed pilgrimage route, there is little about a specific liturgy or the worship of Saint Michel, and the other revered saints on the site. 

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