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Godescalc the Pilgrim

Bishop Godescalc’s early involvement in pilgrimage to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, and its implications on the development of pilgrimages from Notre Dame du Puy, has been explored by several authors.


Truannus made his decision to make a gift of the Saint-Michel Chapel at a time when he was worried about what would happen to his assets after his death. His decision to leave the Chapel to the Cathedral chapter was not his original plan but, whether through repentance or as a result of other people’s influence, this was the choice he made. He kept the benefits for himself until his death by demanding daily mass for himself and Godescalc, costing three pence per day to be paid by the chapter. Godescalc suggested that the chapter, who would be in charge of the offerings of the whole church, should pay.


Following Truannus’s donation, Aiguilhe became the property of the Cathedral chapter at the same time that it acquired legal rights.


From then on, the chapter was, and always would be, the lord of the Chapel and the surrounding area, the town taken in by the Rocher, and all that immediately adjoins the cloisters in Le Puy. As frequently happens with ecclesiastical lords, he was attentive to his rights and this lead to, during the Ancient Regime in Aiguilhe, a lack of municipal liberty. He, therefore, decided to build ramparts around his property before the 15th Century.

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